Booking Procedure


Step 1.  

Please send us by e-mail or fax your enquiry, with (at least) the following info:

-          • Desired charter dates

-          • Required yacht type or size (in length or capacity) and possible

             alternatives (if any)

-          • Number of persons onboard

-          • Required type of charter (skippered, bareboat or crewed)

-          • Desired marinas of check in/out. 

For your ease you can simply fill in and submit our relative contact form. Please note that the more detailed your inquiry is, the better quotation you will help us to give you. 


Step 2. 

Once we have received your enquiry, we will inform you promtly of the boats available and our offered price. Should you have any questions about our offer, please get back to us for further information.


Step 3.

Should you find our offer interesting,  you can get back to us and either confirm the booking or request an option. Options can be held for a maximum period of one week. During this period you can confirm your flights and other travel details. Options are automatically canceled if the period of 7 days passes without confirmation of the charter.


Step 4.

After you have confirmed your booking by e-mail, the following documents will be e-mailed to you:  

       •  Charter Code Number

       •  Charter Party Agreement (signed by us)

       •  Departure and return Base information with useful tips

       •  Passenger list to be completed with your information

       •  Declaration form for co-skipper to be filled out


Step 5.

Upon receipt of the Charter Party Agreement, a downpayment of 50% of the total charter fee is due.  Payment can be either proccesed online - through our secure server - with your credit card or via an ordinary bank wire transfer.  After you have deposited the agreed downpayment of the charter, mail the following back  to us :

       •  The Charter Party Agreement docs signed by you

       •  The passenger list filled in with all details

       •  Copies of the skipper's and co-skipper's Certificate or one certificate and  the declaration form filled in and signed by one crew member who has sailing experience.


Your booking is now complete!

General Charter Terms & Conditions and Payment Schedule:
Read more about them and also view our rates and what is / or not included in the prices in the Rates & Terms page.
Ready to send a charter inquiry to us?

If you have figured out your sailing holiday details, send us an inquiry and very soon we will get back to you with our offer. Fill in our  CONTACT FORM! 

Charter's Schedule

A. Upon your Arrival:
Your yacht will be ready to go when you arrive. Provisions (if requested), ice, fuel and water onboard and engine running. The yachts are provided with a fully-equipped galley and complete sets of linen and towels. All our yachts include  standard equipment (presented in our
Yachts page) and each has its own special equipment (presented in its individual page). 
B. Chart Briefing: 

Before you sail away, we'll give you a detailed chart briefing on your cruising area. You'll know where to find the best anchorages, restaurants and beaches and be able to navigate with confidence.
C. Yacht Briefing (check-in procedure):

You will be given a thorough briefing on your yacht, its operation and the equipment aboard.
D. Time schedule:

Yacht charters start and end from Saturday to Saturday,  for multiples of seven days. In the low season period however, this may be flexible and there could be some exceptions, always depending on yachts availability. 

Charters begin at 17:00 hrs on the first day. If we can deliver the yacht earlier,  without compromising our standards, we will do so, but this cannot be guaranteed. 

Charters end at 09:00 on the last day of charter. Usually our clients return to our bases the evening before, (normally Friday) sleep onboard and depart around 09:00 hrs on Saturday morning, in order to allow time for the yacht to be prepared and in perfect working condition for the next charter.