The Sporades islands group lies across the eastern coast of the Greek mainland.  Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos, Kyra-Panaghia, Peristera and Skyros offer beautiful sandy beaches, green covered hills and mild weather conditions. Skiathos, the most famous among them, is accessible by plane and connected with several european airports and all  islands are easily reached by ferry and flying dolphin.


In this area you can enjoy smooth sailing with light to moderate winds and short passages between the islands, each of which has its own particular charm. 

Typical one week routes:


Skiathos - Skopelos         

20 NM

Skopelos - Alonissos

  7 NM

Alonissos - Kira Panagia

17 NM

Kira Panagia - Agnontas

28 NM

Agnontas - Koukounaries

12 NM

Koukounaries - Skiathos

  8 NM

Typical two week routes:


Skiathos - Oreoi                

25 NM

Oreoi - Trikeri

15 NM

Trikeri - Koukounaries

12 NM

Koukounaries - Panormos

15 NM

Sailing around Skiathos...

Panormos - Steni Vala

20 NM

Steni Vala - Planitis

18 NM

Planitis - Linaria / Skyros

35 NM

Sailing around Skyros...

Linaria - Skopelos

35 NM

Skopelos - Glossa

12 NM

Glossa - Skiathos

10 NM

Skiathos - Tsougria

  5 NM

Tsougria - Skiathos

  5 NM